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Casting with Polish and Creativity with Uber


Uber is a veteran shoutcaster who has worked on World of Tanks, CS:GO, League of Legends, and now Overwatch. He is casting for the upcoming Overwatch League. Noted for his polish and creativity, Uber shares his esports history and how he has reached his level of polish and creativity.


Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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00:01:13 – What got you into gaming?
00:03:31 – What was your first exposure to competitive esports?
00:13:39 – Uber goes to Europe
00:20:18 – Uber casts CS, starts getting involved in Overwatch
00:25:43 – Uber + Jason collaborate with ZP + Hex
00:32:16 – How did you develop your polish and creativity?
00:40:14 – How did you work in humor?
00:45:00 – Improving at mechanics through VOD review
00:46:50 – What were your big challenges in mechanics?
00:50:14 – what are things you’re still working on?

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