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Casting Overwatch Teamfights with Josh “Piscator” Lee

Josh “Piscator” Lee joins us to discuss teamfight casting in Overwatch, leveraging your game knowledge to make your casting more engaging, and our wish list for Overwatch observer tools.

Josh is the Lead Overwatch Producer at Blitz Esports ( He got his start on COD and is a former caster of League of Legends and Overwatch. Find him on Twitter here:

– ZP’s Rendition of the Big Bang:
- The surprise
– Quadra kill from Fenix:
– Blitz Esports:
– Blitz Esports Twitter:

Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:02:50 – Josh’s generation of Casters
0:07:00 – What got you into gaming and esports?
0:12:11 – How did you get into casting?
0:17:26 – The League of Legends Caster Skype Group
0:20:00 – What brought you to Blitz Esports?
0:24:12 – What’s the mindset for approaching team fights in overwatch?
0:30:40 – Expectation to enhance audience understanding
0:34:20 – What to look for specifically in the team fight to build expectation
0:38:30 – Doa and Monte as examples of how deep knowledge allows you to see more into the future
0:40:06 – Sometimes being surprised is OK
0:41:15 – The importance of game knowledge
0:50:23 – What is the wish list for observing mode?
0:59:49 – Community Question: What makes a good interviewer / interviewee?
1:05:55 – Chat about the impact of esports and gaming on our lives

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