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Staying Ahead To Inform The Audience

Overwatch is a game where the more you can stay ahead, the better it is going to be


ZP joins us to talk about the importance of staying ahead in order to be more informative and cohesive, the impact of vocal delivery, and how to cover the basics before trying to improve at banter.


Andrew “ZP” Rush is a Overwatch play-by-play caster. He started in 2015 on the closed beta casting the GosuGamers weeklies and Alienware Monthly Melees and went on to cast for Overwatch Contenders and the World Cup for 2016 and 2017. He is now a caster for 2018 NA Contenders Season 1.

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Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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0:01:18 – What was your first video game?
0:04:07 – What got you into streaming and casting?
0:06:23 – What is your mindset while casting?
0:08:10 – How did you develop your casting style?
0:13:09 – Setting up your casting to make for a richer experience
0:18:45 – How did you work towards better banter and synergy with Hex?
0:23:49 – What is the importance of vocal delivery?
0:28:14 – Dealing with the speed of Overwatch, questioning teams during the broadcast
0:35:12 – How do you recommend getting constructive feedback? Considering audience feedback
0:39:28 – Dos and Don’ts for on screen work?
0:41:01 – How do you deal with nerves when going live?
0:43:33 – What do you look for specifically going into a teamfight?
0:44:38 – Do you miss Hex?
0:45:04 – Anything difficult with casting contenders?
0:47:35 – What were your favorite team names?
0:49:19 – What would you work on now if you were an amateur caster?

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