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Producer Checklist for Scrim Nights

Download the Files

  1. Download the latest zipped files of the Broadcast Package
  2. Download OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/

Set up Files

  1. Extract the “Broadcast” folder directly into your base level of the drive of your choice, and note the drive must be C:/, D:/, E:/, or F:/
  2. Rename the name of the folder to “Broadcast” if not already
  3. Open OBS and navigate to SCENE COLLECTION >> IMPORT then select the .json file that corresponds to the letter of your drive where the “Broadcast” folder lies
  4. Unzip the “source-sans-pro” folder within the zipped broadcast folder and install the font
  5. Select the profile from the SCENE COLLECTION dropdown. You should now see the scenes listed.
  6. In order to get Scoreboard Tool’s replay saving ability to function, the recording path must be [Drive Lettter]:\Broadcast\Scoreboard\Replay\
  7. If there are any issues, discuss in #tools-n-tech in the discord

Configure OBS

  1. Confirm the scenes look correct as you cycle through them in OBS
  2. Navigate to the “Broadcast” folder >> “Scoreboard” >> OW_Scoreboard_Tool and run this .exe
  3. Fill in placeholder team and match information, check off “current” and click “update”
  4. Verify this has changed the information on the scenes in the OBS scenes
  5. Verfiy OBS settings to the slides below

Setup Slides

Google Slides Link, also below

Starting from Zero?

Practice Stream

  1. Navigate to the Game Browser in Overwatch and practice spectating any custom game
  2. Record / stream and save the VOD of your ability to use the different scenes and change information on the In Game, Map Pool, Current Score scenes
  3. For bonus, get your webcam configured on the TrioCam scene
  4. Send a VOD of your casting to the #looking-for-feedback in the Broadcast.gg Discord with any questions you have
  5. Contact @MooshuBeef in the Discord if your VOD isn’t reviewed within 5 days

Jump into Scrim Nights

  • Once your VOD is reviewed you’ll receive a special role in the Discord where you can post your availability and be paired with casters and a host for high level scrims!

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