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Keep Your Interviews from Being Questionnaires with SageGnosis


Your job is to inform the audience, not extract canned answers.

SageGnosis joins us to share a wealth of knowledge and insight to how she helps craft her questions so the interviewee has the chance to inform the audience. With great research you can create interesting discussion that could even

Amanda “SageGnosis” Stevens has 7 years of experience writing and interviewing in esports. She has worked with Slingshot Esports, She Attack, and Red Site Wins. She is now the managing editor at

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Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

–What is– is a community of esports broadcasters improving by discussing and sharing best practices for all aspects. Join us on discord with the link at the top of

0:01:50 – What got you into gaming / esports?
0:11:15 – what got you into writing and intervewing?
0:19:31 – How do you find good topics and subjects?
0:22:42 – How do you use research to make your interviews better?
0:37:39 – What is the difference between a softball and targeted question?
0:46:58 – Thoughts on challenging questions?
0:49:29 – Bringing out the best from others on broadcast as a host
1:04:11 – Do you research the person themselves or more on the career path?
1:08:20 – What do you do if your interviewee is not talking much?
1:16:14 – Social Media / plugs

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