2019 Open Division S1 Broadcast Signups LIVE!

Get streamed on Open Division's Biggest Stage

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2018 has nearly come and gone and we’re ready for 2019! Season 1 kicks off this weekend and we’re looking to forward to bringing in the new year with Tier 3 coverage.

Per the rules for Open Division we require the permission from both teams in order to stream, so you signing up here is our formal way to get your permission.


Q: Where will it be streamed?

It will either be in or if the game is during an Overwatch Contenders game

Q: I signed up! When do I get broadcast?

A: We require permission from both teams. If we have permission from both sides and it is a game we’re able to cover, we will reach out to you via Discord (watch for those friend requests and DMs!). Then we just need to be invited to the lobby

Q: I see all 7 regions on the page! Are you broadcasting all 7 regions?

A: We are focusing on NA and EU as usual, but would like to cover other regions based on our resources. The signups for other regions helps us know which regions WANT to be covered. To cover all these regions we are looking into working with local broadcast partners who know their regions better than we do.

Any other questions? Reply tweet our announcement tweet and we’ll answer there!

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