Staff and Talent Call for Overwatch Open Division Season 3!

So you want to get into esports?

[edit @ Aug 5 11:51am PT]: Added Twitch Mods

Apply by Thurs Aug 9! covered both NA and EU for Season 2 and want to expand the team to cover it yet again for Season 3! All must apply through the form here. Applications must be submitted by Thursday, August 9th at 11:59pm PT

We needs help in the following roles:


Broadcast Administrator: You are the glue that holds everything together. You monitor the broadcast schedule, talent, team documents, and task lists. The broadcast is your baby and all project talent & staff will answer to you. This role is for the person who loves diving into the details and understanding every part of the process.

Social Media Manager: You are the mastermind behind the strategy for getting the word out to the world. You’ll communicate key information on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord to reach the existing OW communities and those who might care about Open Division. You will design and manage a social media calendar for making sure that people know about our EU and NA coverage, highlights, and bonus content. You know how to wield Photoshop and/or are willing to learn.

Team Liaisons: You’re a people person, but on the internet. For us to broadcast, we must get permission from both captains. Once we get permission, the matchups must be scheduled or rescheduled to accommodate for our broadcast schedule. You’ll interface with teams and develop relationships so we can collect information to put their team in the best light. On game day, you’ll arrange the main point of contact to the broadcast team.

Broadcast Assets: You have a vision for the look of the broadcast. It’s a new season, so it’s time for a new look. A tune up or an overhaul? Up to you – our current assets are built in Adobe Illustrator, so you should have knowledge in at least Photoshop.

Twitch Mod: If you’ve watched any Twitch stream without a mod, you’ve seen the ugly side of the internet. We’re looking for people who aren’t in it for the ban hammer, but who want to see a Twitch chat that is fun and welcoming without being at anyone’s expense. 

Talent and Crew

Observer / Producer: You are literally running the show. You bring in the video and audio streams from the talent, are observing in the Overwatch client, switch scenes in OBS, and send it all to Twitch. Must have at least 3.5Mbps upload speed sustained (find out by running a speed test)

Analyst: Overwatch is a fast and beautiful game. Your role is to make sense of what is important to look for at a big picture level in the matchup between teams in a concise manner. What are the stakes? What was unique in the individual or team play?

Host: You are the first and last thing the broadcast sees. But the show is not about you: It is about your talent and production being the best forms of themselves. You’ll facilitate discussion in opening, middle of the series, and end of series between the analysts or casters. Showmanship is important: you must be able to make your fellow talent feel comfortable while engaging the audience.

Commentator / Shoutcaster: You enhance the broadcast. Bring the excitement by stressing the stakes when it matters, hyping up the excellent plays, and breaking down the good, bad, and the ugly. Must identify a preference to color or play-by-play commentary.

Apply here!

Alex "MooshuBeef" Chan

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  1. I would love to assist as a Team Liason for the Open Division. I have helped host dozens of tournaments across multiple games over the last decade, most recently with AEO. I have enjoyed hosting Overwatch tournaments and coaching teams on the higher 4k+ level and want to give back to the community in a larger way. My day job is working with people and developing them and because of that experience it has made making relations over the internet with teams and managers. I’ve worked with Team Dignitas and many other companies within their Esports programs and staffing and think I would be a great fit in the Open Division as my passion is in the amateur scene as well.

  2. I’d love to help, since I’ve played since the game was released i feel like i could help as a caster or analyst, in contenders Brazil would be cool, or translating the broadcast to portuguese as well, anyways, thanks xoxo

  3. I’ve loved Overwatch for a while, but this year I started a YouTube channel called Esports Headquarters or ESHQ for short.
    We followed the Overwatch League’s inaugural season.
    It wasn’t always perfect and we struggled, but for our 1st step into the content creation world I am happy with our product.

    My roles for ESHQ are:
    Main Show Host
    -Lead the show segment to segment and general steering of the ship.
    Primary Show Writer
    -Research topics/stories, write out the script and show outline.
    Set Managers
    -Lighting, props and microphone care.
    -Set design.
    Show Post Editor
    -Graphics, music, cuts and OWL clip management.
    Team Analyst
    -Covered Spitfire, Outlaws and Shock along with general coverage of the rest of the teams.
    -Roster changes, team strategies, strengths and weakness.
    -Had an above 65% pick rate for winners of matches and an above 50% for final scorelines for games.

    I don’t have a specific role that I would prefer; I’m happy to work and do my best on whatever role is needed!
    In summary, I would love to be a part of the Open Overwatch Team!

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