Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision for Esports

Culture is paradoxical: it is both the very thing that unites us, but is also what divides us. We relate best with those whom we share a common culture: experiences, beliefs, attitudes, goals, and practices.

Our vision of esports is a universal culture that can bring anyone in the world together and grows through continuous improvement, ambition, and pragmatism.

Our Mission

The mission of is to push esports forward towards this vision.

The key to the growth of esports is obvious: there must be great stories told in a way that creates memorable moments worthy of having fans. This is where aims to contribute.

The energy around esports has never been higher. There are an abundance of competitive communities, tournament organizers, and broadcasters. Publishers host their own standalone events, leagues, and franchises. No matter what level, content is the medium for how great stories are told and fans made. The better the content, the better it is for esports overall. exists to help improve the content in esports through resources, tools, and community.

Our Values

Build for the future

Make decisions that move us towards the future we want, not for short term benefits. Don’t put yourself in a position where things must pay off in the next day, month, or even year. Play the long game.

Embrace Diversity

What makes you unique should be an advantage, not be used against you. A diversity of perspectives is absolutely necessary to build a universal culture. Let’s make the future we want to live in.

Do things the right way

Be proud of what you do and how you got there.

Have a mindset of abundance

The world is big with the right mindset. There’s enough room for all of us to thrive. Don’t think others win at your expense.

Be fair to yourself and others

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Don’t take advantage of others.

Always Grow

Complacency is always followed by mediocrity. Never stop learning and moving forward.

Alex "MooshuBeef" Chan

Building a community of esports broadcasters at Shoutcaster. Destroying the red squiggly line under esports.
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