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High Production Value Broadcasts with Gilfrost

Gillfrost, who you may know as “Left Guy”, is the Chief Product Officer at Carbon Entertainment, responsible for the production vision and execution for Overwatch Carbon Series and Overwatch Contenders Season 0 and Season 1. He shares with us the mindset and journey to go from local broadcaster in Colorado to working with Blizzard on their vision for Overwatch.

Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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00:01:58 – What got you into gaming
00:04:25 – What got you into esports?
00:06:45 – What gave you the confidence to think you could do esports broadcasting?, Influence from his father
00:12:19 – How did having a local broadcasting opportunity shape your career?
00:13:17 – How he met Monte for the first time and its significance
00:17:55 – The story behind meeting and working with Carbon Entertainment
00:24:05 – What was the biggest challenge in running Carbon Series / Contenders?
00:30:09 – What do you think was the main reason for being able to create the production value you did with Carbon Series and Contenders?
00:35:10 – Over complication can set you up for failure
00:43:32 – What’s some advice you would tell to people starting out?
00:49:49 – How did you improve your casting specifically?
00:55:57 – What is the most important quality for a caster to show?
1:00:40 – What are common mistakes for casters?
1:04:22 – Social Media

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