Modern Package: Overwatch

Tool by: pimpindacrib Package & Animations by: Jay Design by: Tagni Writeup by: Jay & MooshuBeef {.is-info}

Package Link #

Download Here: Community Modern Package v2.24

First Installation #

Install the latest version of OBS Studio #

Install the latest BGG Modern Package #

Once you’ve downloaded the latest release, run the .exe.

When running the program you will likely get a windows warning saying “Windows protected your PC”. Click on More info double check the .exe name as the one matching the Github file. Once verified, then click Run anyway. {.is-warning}

  • The above window should launch. Select the destination folder where you want broadcast related files stored. The location or drive shouldn’t matter.
  • Click Install!

After the installation is complete, OBS Studio, the BGG Local Server (preview below), and the Scoreboard.exe should launch.

In order to make the new overlay compatible with OBS v24 and up, a local webserver needs to be run in order for formatting to work correctly in OBS. Absolutely no information is collected or sent with this.


Reopening After Installed #

To relaunch everything after already installed, make sure OBS Studio, the webserver, and OW Scoreboard tool are closed. Then find the launcher.bat file in the installation directory and double click it.


Using the Tool #

The Overwatch Scoreboard Tool.exe is the way to change your dynamic elements within the broadcast and its design. There are four tabs:

  • Match: Team, team colors, player names, heroes, roles, maps, scores
  • General: Event name, talent, social media, match designation & naming, broadcast colors, assets
  • Replays: List of replays & replay controls
  • Bracket: Team listing, record, and bracket

Match Tab #

  1. Put in your Team Names in the corresponding spots for Team 1 and Team 2. Note that if you need to swap sides during the match, simply click the Swap button and then click Update
  2. If you have player information, enter their names, select the hero, and role under the corresponding team. Once you’re done, click the Update button.
  3. Enter in the maps or map type placeholders (Control, Hybrid, Assault, or Escort). The tool and package are able to handle up to 7 maps and will only show as many spots as are NOT blank. For example in the above image, only 5 maps will be shown (see map scene below)

General Tab #

  • Message: Enter the name of your event
  • HostCaster1Caster 2: enter your talent names under each corresponding text box. For the Modern Package currently only the Host, Caster1, and Caster2 are utilized in scenes
  • Utility1 – Utility4: Show the match schedule for the day on the Away scene which contains the bracket

Match References (Utility 1-4) #

Winners Bracket: Round 1: r1m1r1m2r1m3r1m4r1m5r1m6r1m7r1m8 Quarterfinals: qfm1qfm2qfm3qfm4 Semifinals: sfm1sfm2 Winner Finals: wfm1 Third Place: tpm1 Grand Finals gf1m1gf2m1

Losers Bracket: Losers Round 1: lr1m1lr1m2lr1m3lr1m4 Losers Round 2: lr2m1lr2m2lr2m3lr2m4 Losers Round 3: lr3m1lr3m2 Losers Round 4: lr4m1lr4m2 Losers Semifinals: lsfm1 Losers Finals: lfm1

Utility 5-8 are placeholders for a scene such as the “next broadcast” or alternate schedule scene to be built in the future {.is-info}

  • Utility 15 – Utility-18: Descriptions of the corresponding matches designated in Utility 1 – Utility 4 as below:


  • Utility9 (Optional): You can indicate how many maps/games are in the series by writing Bo1, Bo3, Bo5, Bo7, and so on as in best of x maps. This will help show how many maps are total in the series within the in-game scene (see the below examples with or without Utility9 used):

Utility9 = Empty: By default, the text at the top center of the In Game scene will show the current map based on what is checked as “completed” on the Match Tab in the scoreboard tool

Utility9 = “Bo5”: In this example since “Bo5” is typed into Utility9 then the logic will show the total number of maps

Images: The scene walkthrough below shows where each image shows up in each scene

  • Image 1: lower left image on the Break,
  • Image 2InstantReplay scene logo, stinger transition to the In GameInstantReplayMap PoolTeam1Team2BracketBracket DoubleReplay w/MusicAway scenes
  • Image 15: lower right image on the Break, Stinger Logo for desk scenes (DuoCam RowTrioCam RowAnalyst SpecialDuo SingleCam
  • Image 16: Lower right logo on the In-Game scene

Bracket Tab #

  1. Enter the names of the teams, up to 16
  2. If you have team logos that you want shown on the bracket scenes, then click on the ... next to the team name and select the logo.

It’s best to use .pngs with transparencies in the empty space around the logos {.is-info}

  1. After the names and logos are entered, click Update Teams. This will allow you to pick the team names from the dropdown menu in the next step

For the current package, we have scenes built for a single elimination bracket from the quarterfinals onwards, or a double elimination bracket from the Winners and Losers Semifinals. {.is-info}

  1. If you want to show the bracket scenes in the broadcast, you must put the teams in the correct bracket location. Otherwise, you can put the day’s schedule starting from the top text box of Round 1like in the example

Color Themes #

  • Primary: Background color behind all text
  • Secondary: Color of most text
  • Tertiary: Color of accents, color of the score and behind “vs” in the non in-game scenes
  • Quaternary: Background color behind scores for non in-game scenes
  • Quinary: Text color for matchup labels in bracket scenes, and “Playoffs” text, Away Screen match labels, and social media font color
  • Senary: Font color for the Message on the Away Screen and Bracket Scenes (Default it is BROADCAST.GG COMMUNITY PACKAGE)
  • Septenary: Primary background color during the stinger transitions
  • Octonary: Secondary (trailing) background color during the stinger transitions

Replays: OBS Settings #

The OW Scoreboard Tool works in tandem with OBS Studio’s built in Replay Buffer feature. It allows you to create replays, write notes, and recall a specific replay to play on broadcast in two clicks.


  • Check off the Enable Replay Buffer Checkbox
  • Set the recording path into the Replay folder where you installed the package. Note: the last part of the path should be Replay, do NOT put the path into the playlist folder
  • Set the maximum Replay Time. For Overwatch, 15 seconds tends to work well but this will depend on your style and the meta



  • Set a hotkey for saving the replay buffer – the combination should be something that ideally doesn’t trigger any actions in game



  • Set the Filename Formatting to be Replay
  • Check the box for Overwrite if file exists
  • Set the Replay Buffer Filename Prefix to be Replay


TURN ON THE REPLAY BUFFER On the main OBS Studio screen on the lower right, click on Start Replay Buffer. When it is running, the button will say Stop Replay Buffer to indicate it is running!


Replays Tab #

When you save a replay from the buffer, it should show up in the Replays Tab on the OW Scoreboard Tool.

  • By default the latest replay done will be played when transitioning to the Replay scenes
  • To select a different replay, click on the replay in the tab, then click Set Replay. The Replay scenes will show the replay from the beginning of the clip, even if you’re already on the scene. Try showing several replays in a row during a postgame as your casters are doing the breakdown or during an interview to keep things interesting
  • You can use the dropdowns, checkboxes, and text boxes so it’s easier to remember which replay is which. You can also use the button Copy Details if you want to copy all the context to be sent to your casters or desk
  • Clicking on a replay and clicking Save Replay will overwrite the file named Desk Replay.mp4 in the Replay folder. It’s not referenced in any scenes for the package, but can be useful if you’re building your own show and using the tool


Scene Walkthrough #

Scene: In Game #

  • Set the team names, team logos, score, and colors on the Match tab on the OW Scoreboard Tool
  • Set the lower right broadcast logo in the General tab for Image16


Scene: InstantReplay #

  • Set the logo on the replay bug on the General tab under Image2
  • The replay shown will be the latest replay from the buffer saved OR the replay set on the Replays tab in the OW Scoreboard Tool by clicking Set Replay


Scene: DuoCam Row, TrioCam Row, AnalystSpecial, and Duo SingleCam #

These are all caster and host scenes for the different talent arrangements you may have on your broadcast.

  • First, get the video feeds of your casters.
    • OBS Ninja is a great solution for this: it allows you to create a room and for your casters to send their video. Each caster will have their own link to bring into OBS Studio as a web source. Otherwise, Skype also allows you to have each person on the call as an NDI source, though Skype can mess with your casters’ audio if you don’t uncheck the ability for Skype to take control of mic gain.
  • Go to the Scene list in OBS Studio and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see Host NDI FramingCaster 1 Framing, or Caster 2 Framing. Add your caster video feeds as sources and move the source to the bottom of the Souces list like below (the LemonKiwi source in this example is where the caster video source should be)
  • Scale and position the source so the framing is how you want it. Don’t worry about any “excess” outside of the red box – it will be automatically cropped out

 Here’s another example:


Here’s the final result for the DuoCam Row scene with the following typed into the General Tab: {.align-center}


Scene: Map Pool #

This scene is for showing the progress of the series through maps. It has the capability of showing who won which map, and showing up to 7 maps.

  • Select the map order from the dropdown menus
  • Once a map is completed, enter the score and check off the Completed? box


Scene: Team1 & Team2 #

Show team rosters including main hero and role.

  • Set the team logo, name, player names, and role on the Match tab
  • Set the lower left and right logos in the General tab under Image1 and Image15 respectively {.align-center} {.align-center}

Scene: Bracket & Bracket Double #

These two scenes are for use in a playoffs bracket: Bracket is a single elimination from the Quarterfinals onwards, or a Double Elimination Bracket from the Semifinals onwards.


Here’s an example of how the single elimination bracket can look like:

make sure to click “Update Teams” BEFORE you can select the team from the dropdown menus to the right {.is-warning}

{.align-center} Here’s the corresponding input for the tool on the Bracket tab {.align-center}


And for the double elimination bracket example:


And the corresponding input for the tool on the Bracket tab. There’s some scrolling involved… {.align-center} Note the scroll bars to navigate to Loser’s Semifinals and Finals {.align-center}

Scene: Away #

  • Set the teams and matchups between the General and Bracket Tab. See the instructions starting with the General tab above for how to set up these sections
  • Set the text at the very top in the General tab under Message
  • Set the social media tags in the General tab under Utility10

The default code is as follows<div><span class="twitch">Broadcast<span class="gg"><b>GG</b></span></span></div><div><span class="twitter">Broadcast<b>Dot<span class="gg">GG</span></b></span></div>

Other notes <span class=”twitch”>*</span> – Adds Twitch logo to the beginning of the span <span class=”twitter”>*</span> – Adds Twitter logo to the beginnning of the span <span class=”gg”>*</span> – Changes the text inside this span to Color 3 <b>*</b> – Changes the text inside bold {.is-info}

  • Set the lower left and right logos in the General tab under Image1 and Image15 respectively


Here’s an example:


The inputs on the General tab {.align-center} And the inputs on the Bracket tab {.align-center}

NOTE: If you want the Away scene to point to different matchups, you need to change Utility1-4 so it looks at the correct bracket matchup. See the chart in the Using the Tool > General Tab section above. Since Utility1-4 points towards the round 1 matches 1-4 (r1m1, r1m2, etc), the tool looks at the Round 1 matches in the Bracket tab. {.is-warning}


How do I remove an image from the broadcast? #

  1. Find the corresponding place in the broadcast tool window where the image is set
  2. Right click the ...
  3. Click Reset Image
  4. Click the Update button for that particular tab

Have any other questions? #

Come through to the #bgg-tools channel in our Discord

Support The Project! #

This project is completely free and open source. Contributing helps offset costs of web hosting and annual taxes (which is being paid for out of pocket right now).

Want something in the tool? Contribute to a Feature Bounty! In contributing, you can identify a desired feature for the tool and package. For example, if you really want to see a Rocket League format, there will be a bounty for adding a new format where the person who contributes the Rocket League compatible package will get paid out. Add your request to the text of the donation and feel free to follow up with MooshuBeef#1337 in the Discord


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