Custom Webcam Output with OBS VirtualCam

OBS VirtualCam is a tool by CatxFish that streams the OBS output window through a virtual webcam, where it can be used by applications such as Skype and Discord.  Setup is easy and should take roughly 10 minutes.  This tutorial is for Windows users and was written with OBS 22.0.2.

By replacing your camera with VirtualCam in Skype, Discord, or any other video sharing application, you can:

  • Chroma key (greenscreen) your background
  • Show scenes composed in OBS
  • Share annotations on top of videos with tools such as Epic Pen or an OBS Telestrator
  • Much, much more


1) Download OBS VirtualCam Installer
Head over to GitHub to download the “OBS-VirtualCamX.X.X-Installer.exe” file.  Generally, “Pre-release” versions are available, but are likely less stable than their “Latest release” counterparts.  These tags are visible to the left of the title of the software.  For this tutorial, download the “Latest release” installer, which, at the time of writing, is OBS-VirtualCam 2.0.2.

When prompted, click “Save File”.

2) Run the Installer
Close and exit OBS.  Double-click the recently downloaded installer.  It will request administrator permissions, which will be used to install the virtual hardware and drivers.

Accept the license agreement.

Keep the default install location.  A pop-up will warn you that the folder already exists, click “Yes” to continue the install to the default location.

Select “1. Install plugin and register 4 virtual cameras”.

Press “Install” on the next screen.  After the install is finished, you will be prompted to close the installer.  Close the installer.

3) Start VirtualCam
Launch OBS.  From the top bar, choose Tools > VirtualCam.

The VirtualCam settings window will appear.  Click “Start” at the bottom to start the VirtualCam.

You can now close this window and VirtualCam will continue to run until you press “Stop”.  If you restart OBS, you will need to restart the VirtualCam unless you tick “AutoStart” on the settings page.

4.1) Set VirtualCam as video device (Skype)
Launch Skype and click the three dots near the top left corner, then click “Settings”.

Select “Audio & Video” from the side panel, and set your camera to “OBS-Camera”.

Your video may appear flipped to you, but it likely looks normal to whoever is receiving it.  Always ask them to make sure they see the feed clearly and the orientation is correct.

4.2) Set VirtualCam as a video device (Discord)
Click the cog near the bottom left corner.

Choose “Voice & Video” from the left menu.  Scroll down to Video Settings and choose OBS-Camera as your camera.

Again, your video may appear flipped, but double-check with the recipient to make sure it looks correct to them.


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