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Casting League of Legends: Teamfights and Adding Your Personal Touch with Medic


For our second Office Hours Podcast, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain joins us to talk about adding a personal touch in your casting, and strategies for casting teamfights in League of Legends.

Medic is a play-by-play caster for League of Legends and Vainglory, most recently casting at the 2017 World Championships for League of Legends. Find him on Twitter here:

– Teamfight casting example:
– Vainglory Evil 8 Tournament:

Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:26 – How Medic got into gaming
0:03:36 – How Medic got into casting
0:05:45 – Esport scene in the UK
0:07:52 – Getting to EU Challenger series, EU LCS, Worlds
0:12:40 – The role of the caster and putting a personal touch on your casting
0:18:02 – Difference in different esports
0:19:19 – Discussion on esports direction and viewership
0:24:56 – Err to the side of professional, especially when new
0:32:02 – Approaching team fight casting: increasing sine wave
0:37:47 – Why this approach is important, and how to work with your color caster to build the expectation
0:40:58 – Medic on negatives of Worlds performance
0:45:33 – Review of team fight clip
0:49:00 – Difference between anticipation and being definitive
0:52:16 – Medic’s next goals as a caster
0:53:53 – KISS: Establish a pattern of casting so people know when to get excited
0:54:47 – What were/are your challenges in becoming a caster and how did you work through it?
0:59:16 – Color caster interjections during PBP

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