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Casting for the Entire Audience and Telling the Future with Shidosha

Shidosha joins us to discuss casting for both the newbies and experienced audience, adapting to your co-caster, and using game knowledge to tell the future.

Shidosha is versatile on-cam host & producer as well as an e-sports host & shoutcaster. Formerly known as “The Dude with the shirt on his head”, he is known in the FGC for his work with Virtua Fighter 5 and just recently was casting PUBG at the OMEN by HP booth at TwitchCon. Find him on Twitter here:

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Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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0:01:18 – What got you into gaming / esports?
0:05:03 – When did you get into casting and hosting?
0:07:25 – What was your first casting gig?
0:09:46 – How did you become the T-shirt guy?
0:11:30 – How did you get into your work now?
0:13:29 – How do you use Energy in your hosting and casting?
0:16:32 – Casting for two groups: people who know the game, and those who do not
0:20:21 – How did you improve
0:24:01 – How do you approach working with co-casters?
0:28:52 – Using game knowledge to tell the future
0:35:34 – The importance of having a conversation with your co-caster
0:40:46 – Analyst/Color = Color/Play By Play
0:44:10 – Roles are intended to establish trust between casters, not predetermine what exactly you talk about
0:47:52 – Advice for new casters
0:49:51 – Social Media + Plugs

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