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Caster Synergy and Calling with Confidence with Hexagrams

Accept that failure is going to happen and never feel like you deserve anything.

Hexagrams joins us to discuss how he has built synergy with his casting partners, making calls with confidence, and the mentality you need to survive the grind to get to the top.

Robert “hexagrams” Kirkbride is an Overwatch League Caster. He has been casting since the closed beta in 2015. Prior to that he wrote for GosuGamers covering Heroes of the Storm.

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Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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0:01:55 – What was your first video game?
0:03:17 – What got you into casting?
0:06:11 – What’s your mindset in casting?
0:10:09 – How are you approaching being entertaining? Building vocabulary?
0:15:25 – What is the secret behind the confidence in your calls?
0:22:24 – How have you built synergy with your casting partners?
0:26:45 – What was one of the first struggles you had to overcome?
0:31:18 – Do you feel casting has helped with your play?
0:33:35 – How does the OWL talent team take inspiration from traditional sports?
0:35:50 – Were there any doubts about the OWL Launch?
0:37:53 – Are there any “must haves” in your casting?
0:41:21 – What are other roles in esports people can jump into to help casting?
0:44:50 – Thoughts on Hero 27?
0:46:13 – What do you focus on casting?
0:48:40 – Where do you see OWL in the Future?
0:51:15 – Any other projects you’re working on

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