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Producing Broadcast Package

The latest broadcast package is maintained here!

For instructions on setting up the package, visit the Producer’s Checklist for Scrim Nights here

Overwatch Scoreboard Tool v6.1

Overwatch Scoreboard Tool – Includes Baptiste and Paris, use the exe in this folder to replace v6.0 exe Community Package (v6.0) Community Package Overlays Only (v6.0)

6.0 PNG Community Overlays

What’s in 6.0?

  • Scene Collection
    • Added Scenes for Two Co-located Casters, 4 Map Pool, Observer 2, In Game PIP, Technical Difficulties
    • Color coded types of Sources
    • Combined Sources into Groups when applicable
    • Created additional Skype camera Sources for NDI
    • Updated overlays to be more generic to the community
  • Scoreboard Tool
    • New Heroes: Ashe, Wrecking Ball
    • New Maps: Busan 
    • Added the ability to save and load Series
    • Added the ability to save and load Teams
    • Added section for Player of the Match to General tab
    • Added File Menu
    • Moved About section from General tab to File Menu
    • Improved error notifications and handling

Old Broadcast Packages:

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