Producing Broadcast Packages

We believe creating high quality esports broadcasts should be accessible to anyone and everyone. So we’ve worked on packages so that you can get started in minutes, is free, and leverages the free streaming program, OBS Studio.

Our packages are designed and spaced for Overwatch but the tool can be adapted for any esport with customizeable heroes, maps, team names, and bracket. If you’d like an adaptation for another esport, let us know in the #bgg-tools channel in our Discord

We currently maintain two packages: Modern (html & javascript based) and Legacy (png based).

New? Start here:

What can I use it for?

These tools are made to help make communities and individuals get their start in esports broadcast. Please use them and share how you used it by tweeting at us at @BroadcastDotGG or in our Discord!

Modern Package

Our slickest design. Installs in minutes.

Download the latest package here

Instructions here

On first use (especially if it’s your first esports package) it’ll feel like magic. This is based on our redesign for our work on Overwatch Contenders China and South America on the official Overwatch Contenders channel.

Legacy Package

Simple, flexible, and Easiest to Personalize

Download and instruction page here

This package is based off our first work all the way back to the Overwatch University League and is similar to many amateur broadcast packages: layerings of transparent images (PNGs) with dynamic text elements and videos. You’ll need to edit your own png frames to change colors and design.

Old Broadcast Packages:


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