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The latest broadcast package is maintained here!

For instructions on setting up the package, visit the Producer’s Checklist for Scrim Nights here Package (v5.2) Scrim Nights Package v5.2 Overlays Only (v5.2)

5.2 PNGs Scrim Nights Overlays

What’s in 5.2?

New additions in orange

  • NEW: Talent scenes with Twitter + Name slots
  • 3, 5, and 7 map scenes
  • Winners are indicated over the map once marked as “complete”
  • Scoreboard allows:
    • indication of winners of the map, or a draw
    • team logos
    • “current” map is colored vs grayed out for not-current maps
    • NEW: Rialto is added!
  • “Replay with PiP” and “Replay Only” scenes
  • “Reel” scene for showing a collection of the series replays
Example of bo5 map set demonstrating winning team text, map scores, overall score, and current map with color

Old Broadcast Packages:


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