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Wake up, BGG update dropped

Hey everyone – Mooshu / Alex here. Here’s an update for things around Here’s an update on where things are at and where I want them to be. As this project has moved to something I’m focusing on a few hours a week, I’m always down for help!


Mission: Push esports in a healthier direction

Objective: Find a sustainable cadence of celebrating creators in esports and building things to help them

Key Results:

  • Reach a cadence of celebrating at least two individuals or groups per month who do dope things in esports
  • Capturing regular discussion into documented takeaways to help others
  • 80% success rate for paid gig posters for finding talent who could perform the required role
  • Update Broadcast Tool for OW2 with the help of other contributors
  • Create a Broadcast Tool version for VALORANT

In More Detail

The Broadcast Tool

GitHub Page Here

Where is it at now:

Moving forward:

  • The tool needs updating for Overwatch 2. It still has 6 heroes and none of the new heroes or maps since Echo
  • I want to make a separate installation version for VALORANT
  • Repackaging the updated tools into an .exe
  • Dream goal: Creating a web based tool that is reliable and looks just as good

Where I can use help:

  • Could use help with any of the above, especially those looking to learn development on C#!

Other context: The original team behind the broadcast tool we used for our shows for Overwatch Contenders and other Blizzard work had agreed to open source the .exe tool and workflow for making the transitions and graphics look modern and sleek. With those previous members moving onto bigger and better things, I gotta get my C# development environment up and running and roll up my sleeves! Orrrr if somene wants to help that works too 😉

The Discord

Where it is at now:

  • A place where people find and post jobs
  • A place to discuss topics around esports, but then discussions get lost to the ether
  • Roles make you feel good but really don’t help too much
  • A place to share your setups

Where I’d like to get it to:

  • New system for roles – currently this is in discussion
  • A place that will help people land gigs
  • A place for people to find great people for gigs
  • Discussion and feedback on the tool
  • Improved onboarding for newbies trying to get started in esports
  • Better collection of great orgs in different game titles for new people to find gigs

Where I can use help:

  • Capturing takeaways from great conversations to this site
  • Is there a way people would want to share tech setups and workflows efficiently?

Context: The purpose of the roles early in the discord was to as properly indicate if someone has done significant work in esports so new folks can know to trust them. However with the new objective and goals I have for this community the roles really aren’t needed in the same way. This is under discussion right now and will post an updated asap.

Celebrating Things In Esports

Where I’d like to get it to:

  • Regular cadence of highlighting cool things done in esports by individuals or organizations that serve their community and/or help make esports a healthier place
  • Likely will be tweets to start, but maybe a podcast / video series later!

Alex "MooshuBeef" Chan

Building a community of esports broadcasters at Shoutcaster. Destroying the red squiggly line under esports.

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