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In the past year we have shown the power of like minded people coming together for a common mission: making high quality esports broadcasts more accessible and sustainable to benefit both audiences and aspiring broadcasters. Together, we generated over ten million viewer minutes across six regions between Overwatch Contenders and Open Division, LANs like Assembly Winter in Finland and the California Cup, the great ESL Go4 weeklies, and many other Overwatch tournaments. I’m proud of our accomplishments and deeply thank the broadcast crew and staff who made it happen.

Through this time the most exciting and validating moments were when our peers were called up to the next stage in their careers:

    • BiggHungryPhill: Belong Arena Clash (Caster)
    • Blank: Contenders Europe 2019 S1 (Shoutcaster), Belong Arena Clash (Caster), the NUEL (Caster)
    • Breadly: Contenders Korea 2019 S1 (Producer) 
    • Boop: Contenders North America 2018 S3, 2019 S1 (Shoutcaster), TESPA Collegiate Championships (Shoutcaster)
    • Geo: Belong Arena Clash (Caster), EA Central (Presenter)
    • HamTornado: Contenders North America 2018 S3, 2019 S1 (Shoutcaster), TESPA Collegiate Championships (Shoutcaster)
    • Heurix: Contenders Korea 2019 S1 (Shoutcaster), TESPA Collegiate Championships (Shoutcaster)
    • John Allen: League of Professional Esports (Caster), Belong Arena Clash (Caster), the NUEL (Caster)
    • Katie Bedford: Call of Duty World League 2019 (Host)
    • kickedtripod: Helicon Gaming (Social Media & Community)
    • lafon: Elo Hell Esports (Content Creator & Shoutcaster), TESPA Collegiate Championships (Shoutcaster)
    • LEGDAY: Contenders Europe 2018 S1, S2, & S3, 2019 S1, Contenders Korea 2019 S1, Overwatch World Cup 2018 Incheon & Paris (Shoutcaster)
    • LemonKiwi: Contenders Korea 2019 S1 (Shoutcaster), Elo Hell Esports (Channel Manager), ESPN College Esports Championship (Shoutcaster), TESPA Collegiate Championships (Shoutcaster)
    • Moirai: Contenders Korea 2019 S1 (Producer), Elo Hell Esports (Head of Production)
    • Nekkra: TESPA Collegiate Championships (Shoutcaster)
    • Paulsible: Elo Hell Esports (Content Creator & Shoutcaster)
    • Raegan: Chengdu Hunters (Social Media Manager)
    • Sunkern: the NUEL (Creative Director)
    • TormentedByGnomes: Overwatch League S1, S2 (Observing Team)
    • vowels: Square One (Assistant Coach), Belong Arena Clash (Caster)

The true value of is providing opportunities that help aspiring broadcasters move forward. It is time for us embrace this and truly focus on being the best place to get started and gain experience. Here’s how we’ll get it done:

A. Centralize Opportunities

Broadcasters need opportunities to get experience and prove themselves.

We’ll be centralizing external opportunities alongside our own and across more esports. In addition, we want to make it easier for broadcasters to put their best foot forward and want to develop tools to address this.

B. Capture Best Practices

Things that should be easy should be, well, easy.

We will return a greater focus on capturing the learnings of accomplished broadcasters and attribute their work. These best practices will be structured as living documents: ones that can be maintained and future contributors be recognized alongside the original author. We are excited to involve everyone from beginners to industry professionals more deeply in this process.

C. Creating Tools & Resources

Sometimes best practices are such good ideas that they are built into tools & resources.

We will be an even better place for contributors can make a name for themselves by building great tools and resources.

D. Do Things the Right Way

What makes you unique should not be used against you.

In everything we do we aim to perpetuate a culture that empowers individuals from anywhere in the world. It is paramount to be proud of what we did, and how we got there, and hope to inspire others to feel the same way.

I want in. 

Looking to get started or gain experience in esports broadcasting? Make sure to join our Discord if not already. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.

Want to be part of building the best place for esports broadcasters to get started and gain experience? Let’s talk! Send me an email: alex(at)

For starters, here’s where I need help:

  • Website
  • Partnerships Manager
  • Social Media Managers
  • Discord Community Manager
  • Best Practices Contributors
  • Broadcast Project Managers
  • and write your own job description ?

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[edit @ Apr 23 4:58pm PDT]: Added BiggHungryPhill, John Allen, Geo, and vowels to the list of peers

[edit @ Apr 24 2:53pm PDT]: Added kickedtripod, Nekkra, Paulsible, lafon to the list of peers

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