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Analysis in Overwatch Broadcasts with Volamel

Getting called out for Overtalk? Then listen in on this Episode with Volamel for approaching analysis.

Volamel joins us for a discussion on what narrative is, and why it is important, key things to look for in the game and speak to, and how statistics will help in the future.

Volamel is a writer and analyst for Esports Heaven and Winston’s Lab, has been featured on Thorin’s Platform. He has been an esports fan since 2006 and following Starcraft, League of Legends, and now Overwatch pro scenes.

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10 interesting statistics coming in from OWL Preseason:…ague-preseason/

Music is “Squid Sisters Remix” by GlitchxCity: @glitchxcity

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0:01:34 – What got Volamel into gaming and esports
0:04:31 – When was the first time you started making esports content?
0:11:27 – What is important to address through different parts othe broadcasts?
0:15:14 – What is a narrative, what makes a good narrative
0:31:55 – What are the key factors to look for in Overwatch? What should be looked at more? What should you avoid?
0:39:01 – What are key stats that you’re looking for more in the future?
0:55:25 – Thoughts about Control maps
0:57:36 – Thoughts about any mistakes casters make
1:00:33 – Teams to watch in OWL
1:05:07 – Social media plugs

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